One Day Joint Seminar - PEMA & Hager


A seminar on  "IEC60898 & IEC60947-2 – Circuits Breakers", was organised by Penang Electrical Merchants' Association (PEMA) on 28th March 2017at Vistan Hotel, Penang.  The Speakers was Mr. Dahari Mat Siran from Hager. He spoke at length on circuit breaker standards, which is IEC60898 & IEC60947-2. The seminar will cover the low voltage circuit breakers ranging from Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) to  Air Circuit Breakers (ACB). The participants will be briefed on the basic construction knowledge of these circuit breakers and also to enable them (especially the design engineers) to properly choose the correct circuit breakers. 

The seminar was a fruitful one as it provided opportunities for PEMA members to increase their knowlegde. There was an interactive questions and answers session. PEMA members gained a lot of useful information from this seminar. 


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